ABC Cancels Selfie Due to Low Ratings : Fans Freak Out Over Cult Comedy’s Cancellation

ABC Cancels Selfie : Fans Freak Out Over Cult Comedy's Cancellation

ABC Cancels Selfie For Not Having Enough Followers, Fans are freaking out after learning that the ABC cult comedy, “Selfie” was cancelled on Nov. 7. After only airing six episodes, the show failed to make waves in the ratings, debuting to a mediocre 5.3 million viewers.

Selfie is a modern adaptation of Pygmalion, with Gillan starring as the social media-obsessed Eliza Dooley.

The remaining seven episodes of Selfie’s 13-show season will continue to air on ABC each Tuesday at 8pm ET.

In contrast, the Ioan Gruffudd-led series Forever was today given a full season by the network.

The order will see Gruffudd’s Dr Henry Morgan – an immortal medical examiner – appear in another nine episodes, totalling 22. Sky1 airs the show in the UK.

Watch a trailer for Forever below:

  • zyggie

    I Loved the new comedy Selfie. Please bring it back.

    The cast was very funny and just getting in stride. If networks can give silly shows (reality TV) a chance and K. Heigl ( by the way, I will never watch anything she is on) ….a chance maybe someone can give the comedy “Selfie” a chance to mature Give the show a better time slot and not place it up against any other shows which have already gotten a strong following, make it work Network persons…..

  • zyggie

    Forever is a really good show as well. Good TV watching.