Aaron Gordon’s windmill dunk is a must-see – Watch

Updated: March 10, 2016
Aaron Gordon's windmill dunk is a must-see - Watch

Aaron Gordon windmill dunk video among Magic vs. Lakers game highlights.

Aaron Gordon may not have won what may have been the greatest dunk contest of all time in Toronto, so he’s still out to prove that he’s the best in the game. And he’s doing it by treating in-game moments like a continuation of the contest.

I mean, who else would bust out a windmill dunk like this in the middle of a game? It wasn’t even on a fastbreak.

I hope that Gordon finds a little more prominence with Orlando so that we can see these dunks on a national stage live, rather than just in bite-size pieces the morning after games. Or, you could always hope for another team to acquire him to bring an element to the game that’s otherwise lacking for media attention.

But mostly, we just wanna see him throw down dunks like this as often as possible.