Aaron Dunigan : Mother graduates in son’s place after fatal crash

Aaron Dunigan : Mother graduates in son's place after fatal crash

Aaron Dunigan, A mother mourning the loss of her son took his place at the high school graduation ceremony on Wednesday that he was supposed to attend.

Last week, Aaron Dunigan was killed in a car crash on his way home from his prom. The driver of the car, Dunigan’s friend, crossed a median, slamming into another vehicle, WMAQ reported.

Wednesday night, after burying her son earlier in the week, Katherine Jackson sat at what would have been her child’s high school graduation, not on the sidelines, but in the seat he would have occupied, wearing her son’s cap and gown.

It was Jackson’s first time receiving a diploma.

She told WMAQ, he “knows his mom never walked the stage. I’m going to be his legs and he’s going to be my wings and we’re going to go up there and get our diploma.”

“All of this was divinely orchestrated by my son,” Jackson said.

The car’s driver, David Peden was charged with driving under the influence causing death and reckless homicide with a motor vehicle, WMAQ reported.
The driver of the other car was also killed in the crash. He had been on his way to work.

Dunigan, who was the school’s star quarterback, was planning to play football at Southern Illinois University.

Another student injured in the crash attended the graduation, but was in a wheelchair.