99-year-old Woman Robbed : Police Make Arrest In Mugging Of 99-Year Old Woman Delivering Cookies

Updated: December 19, 2014
99-year-old Woman Robbed : Police Make Arrest In Mugging Of 99-Year Old Woman Delivering Cookies

99-year-old woman robbed while delivering cookies, Police today made an arrest in the Windsor robbery of a 99-year-old woman.

The woman was mugged at the L-P Wilson Community Center in Windsor.

“It was disappointing to see right before the holidays … there’s laws and statutes that protect that segment of our population. I know a lot of folks were very upset about it when they heard what the offense was that had occurred,” said Sgt. Christopher McKee of the Windsor Police Department.

The teen, whose identity cannot be released, was arrested on charges of third-degree robbery, sixth-degree larceny and assault of an elderly person.

He will be transported to Juvenile Detention Hartford to await an appearance at Superior Court, Juvenile Matters in Hartford.

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A group of young men followed a Senatobia, Miss. woman home, pushed her down, and robbed of her purse, according to Senatobia police.

“I’m thankful to God that I’m alive today, he was watching over me,” 79-year-old Joyce Covington said.

With bruises and broken ribs, Covington told WMC Action News 5’s Michael Clark her Saturday night trip to the convenience store in Senatobia started like any other.

“Some young guy opened the door for me, I thought ‘oh that’s nice,’” Covington said.

Senatobia police say after she paid for her items, the young man and three others watched her get into her car.

“They were looking for a victim, and they thought I was easy,” Covington said.

She lives less than a mile away. Investigators say four men followed her all the way to her apartment.

Franklin Roseman, 21, Eldra Hands, 19, Terrance Orange, 19, and Antarious Boyd, 19, are all charged with robbery.

Covington said she remembers a car following her into the entrance to the Senatobia Arms Apartment Complex on Highway 51.

“I didn’t think nothing (sic) about it. I just saw this reddish wine colored car pull up by the dumpster. I thought he was going to park over there,” she said.

Just before Covington got to her door, she was pushed to the ground

“I went down. He had my purse, and I was screaming to the top of my voice, but it didn’t do any good,” Covington told WMC Action News 5.

The suspects got away with $9, but Covington says they took so much more.

“I used to go out to Walmart at night and buy my groceries, but I can’t do that any more, because I’m too scared,” she said.

Covington told police everything she remembered. The descriptions were spot on.

“We had an officer spot the car, and that led to the arrest from there,” said Senatobia Police Chief Steve Holts.

Holts said with the holiday season on the horizon, everyone need to be aware of their surroundings.

Covington never expected to be a victim. She’s living proof that paying attention to your surroundings can be the key to helping police solve a case.

“I’ve got to be on the look out, because they can be behind you in a split second,” she said.

All four suspects remained in the Tate County Jail on Tuesday.