£61m Euromillions winners: ‘Lotto prize’ is won by a family in Wales

£61m Euromillions winners: Lotto prize is won by a family in Wales
£61m Euromillions winners: Lotto prize is won by a family in Wales

A family who scooped a £61m EuroMillions jackpot only bought the ticket after their mother rang from her holiday in Florida to say she was feeling lucky.

Stephanie Davies, 23, her boyfriend Steve Powell, 30, her sister Courtney, 19, their mum Sonia, 53, and Sonia’s partner Keith Reynolds, 55 – from Monmouth in Wales – hit the jackpot in Friday’s draw.

Mrs Davies had phoned her daughters from the US, where she had undergone surgery for a tumour whilst on holiday, to ask them to get the tickets because she was “feeling lucky”.

Stephanie said: “I thought mum was mad calling me from holiday but they were so insistent I knew we had to do it.”

Mrs Davies had just been given the all clear from the surgery.

She said: “I had my surgery on the Wednesday and I suppose the Friday was the first day I felt ‘I am cured’. I felt good, it didn’t hurt any more.

“Keith was scanning his emails and read about the EuroMillions rollover.

“He was convinced that we were the luckiest people on the planet and definitely on a winning streak after the success of my op so we called up my daughter, Courtney, to ask her to go and buy a ticket.

“She was travelling and wasn’t about to change her plans so we called Stephanie instead as something told us we needed to get a ticket.”

Stephanie bought the six Lucky Dips from a garage and checked the numbers in the early hours of Sunday morning.

She described how she rushed to get the tickets, saying: “My car was blocked in the drive by my boyfriend Steve’s, so to save time I made him drive me to buy a ticket instead of moving mine.”

The couple spent Saturday evening with friends and did not check the numbers until Sunday morning.

Mr Powell said: “We were laughing and joking about the lottery.

“Steph remembered she had bought a ticket. She said ‘if I shout down it means we’ve won the lottery and if not, I’ve gone to bed’.

“She came down crying.”

Stephanie added: “As soon as I saw that ticket I had my hands over my eyes, I was shaking, I was crying.

“I said to Steve: ‘For once in my life I am not even joking’.

“We checked the ticket about 10 times over.”

The family decided to go public about their win when they started getting texts from friends saying they had heard rumours.

Mr Reynolds said: “If you try and hide it, it all comes out in the end.”