60-year-old coach dunks? Alvin Gentry gets up for dunk at practice, Warriors go crazy ‘Watch’

60-year-old coach dunks : Alvin Gentry gets up for dunk at practice, Warriors go crazy - Watch

60-Year-Old warriors associate head coach Alvin Gentry showed he can still get up for a one-handed dunk—with a little help from the wall.

Anyone who’s played basketball has fallen foul of ‘old man game’, when you come up against a team of, ahem, veterans, who can’t run or jump yet know every trick in the book and proceed to dominate you at both ends of the floor.

Well imagine the same old guys begin able to dunk.

Times are good in the Golden State Warriors camp right now as they head to Cleveland knowing victory in tonight’s NBA Finals Game 6 will secure the title, and with assistant coach Alvin Gentry heading off to become head coach in New Orleans next season, the 60-year-old was pressed into testing out whether he could still throw down.

He may have needed a little help from the wall but that is nonetheless an impressive feat for a man of his vintage.

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