50 Cent Account Frozen : 50 Cent Can’t Withdraw A Penny From His Personal Bank Account

Updated: December 2, 2014
50 Cent Account Frozen : 50 Cent Can't Withdraw A Penny From His Personal Bank Account

50 Cent’s bank account frozen, The 21 Questions hitmaker allegedly failed to pay out $17 million after he was accused of copying the design of headphones by a company called Sleek Audio.

Headphone company Sleek Audio previously claimed the rapper stole their design and promoted it with SMS Audio. A judge then decided that Cent should pay the company for the damages as well as the legal fees.

An attorney for 50 Cent has responded to the story that the account was frozen. The attorney told the celebrity entertainment site that they were filing an appeal against Sleek Audio. The attorney also commented that the manufacturer was “desperately attempting” to get money from his client. The rapper’s legal team also gave confirmation that his assets were “appropriately protected.”

Earlier this year, Forbes estimated that 50 Cent had about $140 million in earnings from entertainment activities and various endorsements. He is next seen in boxing drama “Southpaw”. The Antoine Fuqua-directed flick, released sometime next year, also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker and Naomie Harris.