5 Safest Cities In World : Tokyo most populated and safe city in the world

5 Safest Cities In World : Tokyo most populated and safe city in the world

5 safest cities in the world revealed, Tokyo is the world’s safest city when it comes to digital security, health, infrastructure and personal safety, according to a new report.

The Japanese capital was named the world’s safest city for 2015, despite being home to the world’s largest urban population with 38 million residents and suffering regular earthquakes.

Asian cities Singapore and Osaka followed, as Swedish capital Stockholm was named the fourth safest city in the world and Amsterdam took fifth place.

The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2015 analysed safety in 50 cities, assessing each on digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety before giving a score out of 100.

London only managed to make 18th place on the list and was beaten by San Francisco, Melbourne and Barcelona.

Indonesian capital Jakarta was placed bottom in the rankings, which is home to 10 million people. Its number of doctors per 1,000 people contributed to its place on the list, while it was not the worst performer it came to violent crime.

Other cities in the bottom half of the Index are Sao Paulo (40), Moscow (43), Delhi (42) and Johannesburg (47).

Wealth doesn’t always guarantee safety either as Abu Dhabi (25) was the only Middle Eastern city to make into the top half.

Top 20 safest cities

1. Tokyo
2. Singapore
3. Osaka
4. Stockholm
5. Amsterdam
6. Sydney
7. Zurich
8. Toronto
9. Melbourne
10. New York
11. Hong Kong
12. San Francisco
13. Taipei
14. Montreal
15. Barcelona
16. Chicago
17. Los Angeles
18. London
19. Washington DC
20. Frankfurt