2-year-old boy shoots self in the face in Phoenix suburb – Watch

2-year-old boy shoots self in the face in Phoenix suburb - Watch

A 2-year-old boy is recovering after police say he accidentally shot himself in the face at a home near 83rd Avenue and Cholla.

The shooting occurred Thursday night while the boy and a 7-year-old brother were being watched by a grandmother and aunt.

It happened at about 9:30 p.m. near 83rd Avenue and Cholla Street. Police were on the scene all night.

According to detectives, the little boy was playing on a bed when he found the gun that had been rolled up in the sheets..

The toddler’s grandmother said she did not know he had the gun until she heard the shot.

The little boy’s aunt also was home when he shot himself. She is the one who called 911.

On Friday, the boy was in critical but stable condition at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“The bullet struck his cheek and exited his head,” Sgt. Shari Howard wrote in an email to media outlets. “A portion of his skull was removed to alleviate the swelling. Doctors believe it will be another week before they can give an updated prognosis.”

Investigators sad the gun belongs to the toddler’s father.

Police say it’s essential that people take appropriate precautions when it comes to storing guns.

“You’ve got to keep this gun with a gun lock and a gun safe and keep it out of the hands of children,” Jay Davies of the Peoria Police Department said. “Unfortunately these are the types of things that happen when these precautions are not in place.”

Howard said the family is cooperating with the police.

“The investigation is ongoing and no criminal charges are pending at this time,” according to Howard.